About Neon Bloc


Specialists in authentic 80's and 90's vintage ski wear offering the boldest, warmest and most awesome garments from all over the globe. 

We believe life is too short to wear boring, mass-produced clothes so we have dedicated our time to jazz up your wardrobes with amazing quality outerwear that has stood the test of time.

We have a strong ethical ethos and support recycling fashion by enjoying awesome garments that already exist. Why buy new cheaply made clothes when you can own a superbly made, high quality statement piece which will keep you warm and make you stand out from the crowd?! 

So whether you need kitting out for the ski-slopes or searching for your fave retro brand we offer you our carefully-compiled collection of uniquely warm and awesome fashion vintage.
We look forward to seeing which piece becomes yours! 

If you have any burning questions please contact us below. 

Neon Bloc team xx